Husqvarna Announces Three New Mini Motocross Models

Husqvarna announces three new mini motocross models 1

Husqvarna announces the TC 50, TC 65 and TC 85 mini motocross bikes, the complete junior two-stroke line-up for future champs

Iconic Swedish bike manufacturer Husqvarna announces a new addition to their 2019 line-up in the form of no less than three mini motocross motorcycles. The all-new TC 50, TC 65 and TC 85 are two-stroke machines that pack both Husky’s premium technology and top-shelf components to offer young riders the best platform possible to hone in their skills before taking a bold step up.

2019 Husqvasrna TC50_01

True racing machines, the new small-displacement Huskies boast the same ergonomics and bold looks of the bigger, full-size beasts, albeit in a form factor that makes them suitable for kids.

Husqvarna TC 50

Powered by one of the brawniest 2-stroke engines in the category, the TC 50 has its mass centralized inside the steel frame. Equipped with a WP AER 35 fork that offers 205 mm of travel, the TC 50 front can be effortlessly adjusted with an air pump, while the WP rear monoshock allows for a matching 185 mm of travel.

2019 Husqvasrna TC50

The 3-shaft engine is mated to a centrifugal clutch assembly that makes riding intuitive and less complex for the youngsters. Even more, a special Husqvarna Motorcycles Accessories kit allows supervisors to tame the nerve of this little beast, reducing the power output to 5.5 hp.

The TC 50 comes with wave rotors, black aluminium rims shod with Maxxis tires, radiator spoilers, alu handlebars and crash pads as standard, and white-yellow-blue bodywork graphics inspired by the full-size range.

Husqvarna TC 65

One step up the displacement ladder we meet the Husqvarna TC 65, a bike for those who already started to master the secrets of a hydraulic clutch and manual gearbox. And speaking of transmission features, the TC 65 has a full-fledged 6-speed gearbox, offering youngsters total control of the bike for the first time.

2019 Husqvarna TC65_01

The bike is also equipped with a pressure-controlled exhaust valve to maximize engine performance under various riding conditions, and an intelligent cooling circuit. Husqvarna opted for a cast aluminium swingarm mated to a 270 mm travel WP rear monoshock. The fork is a WP AER 35 unit, but with a 215 mm excursion, 10 mm longer than that of the TC 50. The waved rotor assortment sees 198 mm and 160 mm diameters for the front and rear, respectively.

Husqvarna TC 85

The powerplant of the Husqvarna TC 85 is the key element designed to raise the bar in this category. The main feature of the engine is the power valve system that allows enhanced power and torque delivery, plus a higher degree of controllability.

Power gets to the rear wheel by means of a Formula hydraulic diaphragm spring clutch mated to a manual six-speed transmission. The engine sits in a frame that incorporates an aluminium subframe and one-piece alu swingarm.

2019 Husqvarna TC85

Suspensions come from WP, obviously, with a split-function WP AER 43 fork, holding air in the left leg and oil in the right one. Settings can be easily modified with clickers and an air pump supplied with the bike. The rear of the TC 85 sits on a WP XPlore PDS shock that’s fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound.

To the feature list of the TC 85, Husqvarna adds a self-cleaning gear shifter, no-dirt footpegs, free play adjustment for the throttle assembly and ODI lock-on grips, tool-less air filter access, Excel wheels and Formula calipers and brake discs (240 mm front, 210 mm rear).

The TC 50, TC 65 and TC 85 will be available this very month (April), starting with the Husqvarna Motorcycle dealers in Europe. Prices to be announced soon.

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