Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Concept Highlights

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 concept highlights 1

Husqvarna unveiled the Vitpilen 701 concept bike at the Milan show. This concept reveals Husky’s great interest in the street bike segment.

A futuristic, yet simple design with retro accents blend in the Vitpilen (Swedish for white arrow). The concept minimalistic single cylinder is a very powerful engine as you would expect. Here are the main features:


  -73 HP engine;

  -Brembo brakes;

  -WP front and rear suspension;

  -Ultra slick design.


At first sight, you have a compact single seated motorcycle that shocks with its simplicity but at every wink, you find something new. The 690 KTM 4 stroke engine has a clean and light position covered by the raw metal finish gas tank. So, the 701 inherits 401’s design theme. 


The exposed parts give the Vitpilen a freshly finished high-tech look.

Looking from the front, you notice the simple round headlight completed by the wide handlebar. This bike may be the closest to the motorcycling future visions. The exhaust pipe gives the Husqvarna concept a sporty yet classy finish. The side view offers you a glance on the exposed air filter. The designers went for a simple paint scheme. Fresh metal look and a yellow line following the frame set a border between the tank and rear tail piece.


Husqvarna promised us Vitpilen family will enter in production, 401 and 125 will hit the dealer floors in 2017. Hopefully, this new 701 will come simultaneously or in 2018. We can only wait to feel this new raw and authentic riding experience.

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