Indian Appaloosa v2.0 Revealed. 150hp & 250kph

Indian Appaloosa v2.0 revealed. 150hp & 250kph 1

Fitted with a Nitrous system this bike is set to race on ice in Russia

The Appaloosa v2.0 will attempt to break speed records at the 2020 Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival. The motorcycle features a 150hp V-Twin with a Nitrous Express system and tires fitted with 250 studs.

This project started from an Indian Scout bobber model and the Appaloosa v2.0 was customized for racing.

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The motorcycle is fitted with a liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-Twin engine making 150 hp. The man behind the project, engineer Brice Hennebert, of custom house Workhorse Speed Shop, in collaboration with Indian Motorcycles, equipped the Appaloosa v2.0 with a Nitrous Express performance kit. So, the bike can reach 250 kph.

It’s the second version and it has been updated with a new nose fairing, improved components, spiked tyres and a new paint scheme.

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The hand-spiked Dunlop SportSmart Mk3 tires feature 250 studs and the process of creating and adding the spikes took four days to complete. They also increase the weight of the tires by 2.5 kg.

The fairing, suspension and brakes

Redesigning the nose of the Indian Appaloosa v2.0 helped improve the airflow to the engine. The fairing has been upgraded to increase top speed while the mouth of the fairing has been closed off with a carbon cap to achieve smaller cooling intakes in the side fairing.

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Öhlins provided the suspension and the bike’s equipped with a steering damper. The braking system is from Beringer and the Appaloosa v2.0 features an Akrapovic racing exhaust system.

The race

The Indian Appaloosa v2.0 will race on the ice at the 2020 Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival, an event located at Lake Baikal, Russia. The temperature reaches -20°C during the day and the motorcycle is set to break some speed records on the 1/8-mile track and on the mile-long straights.

The 2020 Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival will be held between February 27 – March 1.

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