Indian Scout Bobber Revealed

Watch out, Harley-Davidson!

The Bobber-styled bikes is the new trend in the custom motorcycle area. The low seat, the matte colours and a fierce look – everyone likes it. Indian managed to put all of these together for their latest release the Scout Bobber.

The new Indian Bobber features aggressive looks and a “barely tamed engine” to go with that. With a 94hp 1133 cc V-twin, the Scout might be the most powerful series bobber. The main rival is the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight that comes with a bigger (but air-cooled) 1200cc engine that produces only 60 hp.


The Indian Bobber is derived from the Scout model but features a different attitude. It’s like the Scout went trough a custom garage and came out with more character. The front suspension was tuned for a more stable ride and the rear was lowered to enhance the bobber looks. The fenders are shorter while the bike comes fitted with knobby tyres that makes it even more aggressive. 

The new Indian Scout Bobber is more likely to win some fans on the European market due to it’s clean bobber looks and it's huge potential for personalisation. The bike will hit the dealer floor at the end of this year and the price tag is £11.299. For the european market the Scout Bobber has to stand against the Triumph Bonnevile Bobber that is £700 cheaper and established itself as a bestseller. 

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