Italian Volt Lacama Is a Saucy Electric Roadster

Italian Volt Lacama is a saucy electric roadster 1

Custom electric bike builders Italian Volt show Lacama, their bold take on the e-roadster market, and it looks great, to say the least

The custom culture already permeates the (still) new electric motorcycle market, and here’s yet another example of design excellence in this field. Let's welcome Lacama, the newest creation signed by Italian Volt, an e-roadster with a bit of flat-track attitude and shapes that leave us drooling.

Thanks to the simpler nature of electric motorcycles, builders and designers have extra freedom to experiment in various directions, and Lacama is the perfect proof. Without the restrictions that come with exhaust pipes length and design, placement of different components that simply can’t be relocated and so on, Italian Volt was able to deliver a bike that’s compact, incredibly versatile and customizable, yet with no sacrifice in terms of functionality and performance.


The tail is beautifully chopped, aggressive and assertive, even though it looks more like a one-up design. It can be lengthened a bit to accommodate a passenger, but we gather that Italian Volt thought about solo fun more. 

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We loved the cooling fins on the case that holds the battery and the controller, and the fact that they can be painted in the same color as the bike or accented to contrast is simply glorious. Of course, there are countless ways to customize the Lacama, from colors to decals to adjustable footpegs, seats, and whatnot. Italian Volt can equip the Lacama with a battery pack up to 15 kWh, and this is neat, thinking about an energy density of 114 Wh/kg. The mixed-cycle range is around 200 km (120 miles) and the bike reaches a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph), with 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. And with a weight of only 245 kg (541 lbs), we’re in the ballpark of ICE bikes, too.

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The Italians added Brembo brake componentry and Ohlins suspensions for a no-fuss, ready-to-rock’n’roll state right off the bat, and say they’re already working hard to make everything better with motor control and battery management updates.
As each Lacama is tailor-made according to its customer’s preferences, it’s not hard to guess that the price tag reads a hefty sum. Getting a Lacama is a matter of making a $250 deposit, then preparing to fork out some $38,000 more. A bit on the steep side, that’s true, but bespoke electric roadsters are not exactly everyone’s two-wheeled treat, right?

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