Kawasaki J125. a New Scooter in the Kawasaki Lineup

Kawasaki J125. A new scooter in the Kawasaki lineup 1

Kawasaki J125 has a maxi-scooter shape, but a small 125 cc engine.

After their successful J300 model, revealed two years ago, Kawasaki is extending its scooter business with a new model: J125.

Just like its bigger brother, the J125 is based on a Kymco chassis, with a single cylinder engine that develops 14 horsepower@9,000 rpm and 11.5 Nm@7,000 rpm. 

The J125 looks almost like his bigger brother, having a big maxi-scooter look, with a sharp and sporty styling. The weight confirms it: the curb mass is 182 kg – just like a big scooter.

Kawasaki J125 will also come with ABS – an option rarely saw on the 125 scooters (Yamaha N-Max is another 125 ABS equipped scooter). The fuel capacity is 13 liters. 

The new Kawasaki scooter has an aggressive styling and a premium-like look. The price is an argument: the new J125 costs £3,800in UK (over €5,000). It has almost the same price as a J300, which is way more powerful and sporty. So, why should you choose a J125?

Because if you are in Europe and you don’t have a motorcycle driving license, you can drive one of these with your car driving license. 

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