Kawasaki Z900 Becomes A2 License-Compliant

Kawasaki Z900 becomes A2 license-compliant 1

The Japanese manufacturer widens the line-up for 2018. The famous Z900 will get a new sibling designed for the A2 license holders in Europe. The looks will remain unchanged only the engine will be tamed to satisfy the A2 regulations.

The A2 category in Europe allows a maximum 35 Kw engine output. The Z900 produces a peak power of 70 Kw (123 hp). With the help of an ECU reflash performed by the dealer, the Z900 will produce detuned to 35 Kw. A smart move made by Kawasaki that will be a thrill for the beginner riders and driving schools. 

The Kawasaki Z900 was first released in 2016, and it became popular pretty quick. We’ve managed to ride test a unit. You can watch our review in the video below or you can check our YouTube channel.

The coolest part of the A2 Z900 is that the detune is reversible, so if the owner changes to A license the bike can be reverted to 70 Kw with only a simple visit to the authorised dealer. The beginner rider will get the complete package including slippery clutch, aggressive Z looks and the reshaped airbox that adds up to the experience.

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