Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle Receives Euro 4 Approval

Euro 4 certification deadline reached. Moving on to Euro 5 compliant engines

Arch Motorcycles has Euro 4 certification for the KRGT-1 model. Now, they’ve started to work on power plants to meet Euro 5 regulations. 

Keanu Reeves’ two-wheel brand, Arch Motorcycle, has managed to meet Euro 4 compliance for their bikes. We’re talking about the Arch KRGT-1 model which has a 2032cc 45-degree V-twin with a Downdraft Induction System developed by the brand. The motorcycle makes 121 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The dry weight sits at 244 kg.

2020 Arch Motorcycles KRGT 1 16   

The Euro 4 regulations will be replaced with the Euro 5 compliance and Arch Motorcycles started to develop their engines to meet those requirements until the January 1st 2021 deadline.

krgt 1 bosch white 1 min

“The focus to achieve Euro 4 certification and make ARCH motorcycles available to more riders around the world has taken a significant investment of time, energy and innovation,” said Gard Hollinger, Arch Motorcycle co-founder.

“We didn’t want to just make the existing bike meet the regulations, we wanted to use the opportunity to make meaningful design updates throughout the machine,” he concluded.

Red1A 5

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