KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2016. Sport-Touring Adrenaline

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2016. Sport-touring adrenaline 1
KTM enters sport touring segment with its new 1290 Super Duke GT, revealed at 2015 EICMA show. Sport facts KTM 1290 Super Duke GT shares “The Beast” 1,300 cc engine, which develops 173 horsepower and 144 NM. In fact, it is a touring focused Super Duke, so this thing should ensure its “sport” stance in the sport-touring formula.  The new mapping gives a smooth ride, says KTM, while the reciprocating weight of the crankshaft ensures fast revs as easy as you say KTM. It’s also got ride by wire, which enables different throttle sensitivity and a slippery clutch.  The WP semi-active suspension can be set on three different damping presets, while it adapts in real time according to the input delivered by the sensors.  It’s got a 228 kg fully fueled weight, which might not seem too sporty, but it’s not heavy for a 1,300 cc bike with a 24 liter fuel tank.  It comes with Pirelli Angel GT tires and it also has a steering damper and a quickshifter.  Electronics Just like its bigger brother – The Super Adventure – the sport touring GT comes with that so called MSC (motorcycle stability control) with combined ABS. The MSC stands for a cornering ABS, while the brakes consist of Brembo M50 four piston front calipers mounted on 320 mm discs.  The traction control can be set in three different intervention modes, while the MSR (motor slip regulator) does the exact opposite thing to the traction control: it prevents the rear wheel from drifting in abrupt downshifting situations.  Super Duke GT also has a hill hold control system (which keeps the brakes applied when on a slope at a standstill, even when you are not pushing the lever) and an automatic turn indication reset.  But the best part of the electronics seems to be the Supermoto Mode, which disables the ABS on the rear wheel, while keeping the front activated. So you can easily slide in a supermoto way.  With all those gizmos, KTM Super Duke GT is one of the most high tech motorcycles on the market.  Touring facts It has a 23 liter fuel tank (400 km range, according to KTM), an adjustable wind screen and integrated pannier mounting system. So you can get rid of those ugly old-fashioned mounting systems.  Another touring feature is the presence of the heated grips (no heated seats, though), but also the cruise control. It also has cornering lights, similar to the one already seen on Super Adventure. Let’s hope these one are working better.  To sum up, KTM 1290 Super Duke GT combines the “Beast” character of Super Duke with the Super Adventure Comfort, in a classic sport-touring way. It sounds like a great mix.

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