KTM Is Interested in Buying Ducati

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer: “Ducati will suit us well.”

There’s no secret about Volkswagen plans to sell Ducati. Actually, this story is a few years old but nothing materialised so far. In an interview for the German publication Speedweek, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer talked about the possibility of buying the Italian brand: “Ducati will suit us well."

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So, after Husqvarna, "the Ferrari of the motorcycle industry" as Pierer calls it, might be the new addition for KTM AG. The current Ducati owner is AUDI AG that bought the Bologna-based manufacturer back in 2012 and, since then they’ve had a few attempts of selling it. 

"When the Volkswagen Group with all its brands developed the platform strategy, I saw this as a role model. We bought Husqvarna in 2012 when our friends from BMW asked us for help. Today, engines and chassis are built partly identical for both brands, but in the house with us is not working against each other. Now we can offer two brands under one roof, thereby increasing the customer frequency” says Stefan Pierer in the interview for Speedweek.

We can only wait and see what the future will bring for Ducati. A thing is for sure the company’s days under Audi are numbered, he can only hope that KTM will continue to show interest when the time is right.

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