Malaysian Couple Complete Epic Honeymoon Journey on a 15hp Scooter. Inspiring Photos

Malaysian couple complete epic honeymoon journey on a 15hp scooter. Inspiring photos 1
The proof that best adventure-touring bike is the one you have We’re just struggling to compare the Africa Twin with the KTM Adventure and the R1200GS. Meanwhile, a Malaysian couple take a Honda RS150R scooter and travels through 24 countries.   Having married in April, ‘Alfi’ Bin Zakaria and Diana Binti Latief set off from Selangor on an extended honeymoon, that took in no less than 24 countries (including Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France) before reaching journey’s end in London where they were welcomed at Honda UK’s flagship dealership in Chiswick. Here are some of their photos. 113474_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113475_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113476_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113478_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113487_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113488_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113490_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon 113497_Images_of_Alfi_Bin_Zakaria_and_Diana_Binti_Latief_on_their_epic_honeymoon

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