Meet the 145 Hp Honda Africa Four

Meet the 145 hp Honda Africa Four 1

CUSTOM | Imagine riding this beast full gas on an empty beach

When I first saw this custom works I though about a beach race or the sand dunes. Don’t know why – maybe it’s the 145 hp high-revving four cylinder engine, derived from the old CBR power-plant that’s making me think about high speed. 

The Honda Africa Four is a custom bike made by Brivemo Motos – a Honda dealer in Switzerland. They took a CB1000R and transformed it into a scrambler. CRF450R race-spec fork, new braking system, a longer wheelbase due to the new fork, new headlight, a new handlebar (wider and with handguards) – it looks fantastic. 

They even added a crashbar and some Continental TKC 80 Tires. And, of course, the Africa Twin tricolore color scheme. With 200 kg and 145 horsepower from a straight-four, my thoughts are back to that empty beach. 

africa four

africa four rear

africa four brakes


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