Meet the 2019 BMW S1000RR in its final shape

Will these be the looks of next year’s benchmark superbike?

After a lot of teasing the first design patents of the BMW S1000RR are finally here. The new German superbike is completely changed, and BMW claims it will be a "game changer” once again. Ducati Panigale V4 watch out!

Thanks to the renderings leaked online we can come up with a better idea about the 2019 S1000RR. Starting with the looks that are changed we are happy to see changes in all areas. The most important part remains the engine that underwent trough some important changes. The casings look a lot different from the 2018 model, and rumours say that it might feature a counter-rotating crankshaft. We know for sure that the engine will share a lot of the improvements with the famous HP4 Race that BMW released last year. The power figure must be just a bit above 200HP, but the bike in the CAD renders look lighter and nimble so, 200HP might be enough.

The frame remains the same aluminium twin-spar but, changes are made here and there. For example, the rear subframe has a trellis design and, the swingarm seems borrowed from MotoGP. The new rear arm looks just like the one on the 2004 -2007 Yamaha R1 but, we are sure BMW made this change to help deliver as much horsepower to the rear wheel as possible.

Underneath the bike, there’s a huge catalytic converter that will help reduce the emissions. The entire system consists of three parts, two catalytic canisters, a noise chamber and finally the muffler. This is a very smart move from BMW as from 2021 every bike will have to be Euro 5 compliant. 

The most important change regarding the looks is the headlight. BMW says goodbye to the asymmetrical lights and replaces them with two LED projector, just like the ones on the Yamaha R1.  Actually, the entire front fairing is changed. The nose is a bit more aggressive and now features an odd looking intake. The rear is also swapped with a shorter and more aggressive looking tail unit.

Fortunately, there are less than two months until we can see the bike in flesh and bones at the Milan Show or even sooner at Intermot. A thing is for sure the new BMW S1000RR has to come with something revolutionary to stand against the latest superbikes of the moment.

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