Meet the BMW E-Power Roadster Concept: 200 Nm of Torque

Meet the BMW E-Power Roadster Concept: 200 Nm of Torque 1

BMW E-Power Roadster Concept previews what BMW can do in the performance roadster segment

The BMW E-Power Roadster Concept weights 290kg and the electric engine generates 134 HP and 200 Nm of torque, yes 200 Nm! And, unlike the futuristic Roadster Concept presented a couple of months ago, that was more about the design, this one is about functionality. A couple of lucky guys saw it in action and they're saying that it can show the heels to the S1000R. 

For the moment, it's just a concept, not a production bike, and looks like a BMW S1000R with a trellis frame. The front end comes from the super naked S1000R and the rear-drive is from a “quieter” R1200RS. In the middle, BMW builds a custom frame. Furthermore, the drive train is from BMW’s car division.


This happens just a couple of months after BMW made another attempt to shock the world with an electric concept bike, the BMW Vision DC Roadster. That is a bike with a longitudinally oriented battery fitted in the place where the conventional engine would normally be. And the cylinder-shaped electric motor is positioned underneath the battery. An innovative idea. But let us get back to the BMW E-Power Roadster Concept.

s8 bmw motorrad vision dc roadster l eveil electrique du moteur boxer 595526

The E-Power Roadster Concept was put to test against a BMW S1000R in a drag race. The engine power is believed to be around 134 HP and the concept motorcycle was set with a limiter at 160 km/h. With a weight of around 290 kg, the electric bike goes quite fast and has a torque figure of 200 Nm. It takes from 0-100 km/h just 2.9s – 0.2 slower than the S1000RR. 

BMW says that the real torque figure is 1.500 Nm and that is close to Bugatti Chiron’s level of performance, the French car has 1,600 Nm of torque. BMW adds that until the production version hits the showrooms, the electric motorcycle might lose 30 kg, so probably it will weight 260 kg. 


"We’re really happy with what we have achieved with the ‘C evolution’ (big scooter), but it is a solution for urban transport," said Head of BMW Motorrad, Christoph Lischka, in an MCN Interview. "This E-Power Roadster is a sporty bike for someone who wants to ride in the mountains and enjoy the ride."

"For this person the bike needs to have 200 km of range, so we won’t be releasing a bike like this until it’s capable of 200 km – 300 km of real riding. Right now the market and the infrastructure to support such a machine isn’t ready."

"We do not want to be like Tesla, installing fast-chargers everywhere – these cost around €110,000 each. At BMW we need to earn money, not burn money," he concluded.


The battery pack was borrowed from a BMW 2-series plug-in hybrid while the engine is from a BMW 7-series. The battery hides in a bix metal box and has a capacity of 13kW and is combined with BMW’s inline drive motor. BMW E-Power Roadster Concept can charge its battery by DC fast-charging and it is fully charged in approximately one hour. The concept has its downs because the battery is heating up too much and gets above 40 degrees Celsius. BMW stated that they are working to improve the cooling system and plan for one single charge a range of  200 km, in concept form, and between 200-300 km, in production form. 

So, things are quite clear. If BMW is making a production electric motorcycle, the good old days of the bubbling boxer engine sound are gone. Let us enjoy it while it lasts!









Hinter der Vision DC Roadster steckt die elektrische Erweckung des Boxermotors wie es in der Presseinformation aus Muenchen heisst

s8 bmw motorrad vision dc roadster l eveil electrique du moteur boxer 595526

s8 bmw motorrad vision dc roadster l eveil electrique du moteur boxer 595527

bmw vision dc roadster concept

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