Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 

Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 

The BMW R18 cruiser market debut is getting closer. And there’s another flamboyant custom work anticipating it – the Blechmann R18.

Blechmann is the nickname of Bernhard Naumann, a renowned customizer from Austria. His take on the BMW R18 cruiser was to change as little as possible on the frame and the technology and to use only the original mounting points. So, the sporty single-seater is based on the original supporting structure of the rear fender, seat and pillion. The rear light is from Kellermann. The fuel tank has been extensively modified: For one thing, it is narrower making it sportier and exposes the engine even more. On the other hand, it features knee cut-outs, which further support the athletic line. The original steering tube was used as the basis for the stub handlebar.

Next, Blechmann customized the headlights. As with his last BMW custom bike “Giggerl”, a conversion of the BMW R nineT, the headlights were to have a subtle kidney-shaped design this time. Analogous to the classic boxer engine, Blechmann placed a filament lamp prominently in the center. Here, too, the steering angle and the forward-tilted headlamp determine the basic layout of the custom bike. Bernhard Neumann perfected his personalization efforts with discreet black paint and classic white BMW Motorrad pin-stripes. In total, the team around Blechmann worked 450 hours on his version of the BMW R 18.

Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 

Blechmann does not perceive his work to be that of a classic customizer. “My work begins by removing parts of the original version until a white canvas remains. As the construction progresses, the design develops. I call this ‘rapid-prototyping-Blechmann-style’ “, says the customizer. This is what makes his workshop unique.

Mostly, Blechmann works alone on his craftsmanship and designs. If necessary, he gets support from hand-picked professionals. “You can’t do anything in this world on your own. I am more than glad to have a reliable personnel infrastructure”.   

Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 
 3 Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 
 4 Meet the Fantastic Blechmann R18 

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