Meet the MAD 202 HP Suzuki Streetfighter. Virus 1000

A GSX-R1000R with a straight handlebar and no fairing. Literally

The Swiss Suzuki dealership Moto Virus took a stock GSX-R1000R, replaced the superbike side-fairings with some minimalistic plastics, mounted a higher handlebar and a different front-cowl and… bang: they got a 202 horsepower canyon carver. 
And there’s an Akrapovic slip-on. Besides these changes, the Swiss guys did nothing else.

And, after all, this is the original recipe for a street-fighter. It is said that it all started back in the late 1970s and 1980s with the new Japanese superbikes – the young riders in the UK couldn’t afford to replace damaged fairings. Then, they added aggressive headlights and high handlebars for stunts. 

The big players came up later with the super-naked motorcycles, derived from Superbikes. But besides the lack of sports fairing, the engine was detuned to lower power and more usable power in the mid rpm range. Take, for example, the BMW S1000R or Yamaha MT-10. 

Of course, from time to time there’s a limited edition of a naked superbike. Take, for example, MV Agusta’s Brutale Serie Oro. 

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Suzuki Virus 1000 2

Suzuki Virus 1000 3

Suzuki Virus 1000 4

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