Meet the New BMW R1250GS & R1250RT: 136 HP and 143 Nm

Meet the new BMW R1250GS & R1250RT: 136 HP and 143 Nm 1

It’s Official | BMW just announced the new R1250GS and R1250RT

No more spy shots and leaked informations. This time it’s for real. BMW just released the official tech specs and a photo-gallery with the new R1250GS and R1250RT. The central piece is the new boxer engine which comes with variable valve timing. The result: slightly more power and increased torque over the whole revolution range. 

You don’t change the winning formula. And the guys at BMW really have the formula – the R1200GS topped the sales charts for so many years. Probably that’s why, at the first sight, the BMW R1250GS doesn’t feature too many changes. You only need to look at the engine to spot the differences. 

Watch the preview below:

There’s a “ShiftCam” inscription on the engine. And that’s the magic trick. BMW explains that “the ShiftCam enables variation of the valve timings and valve stroke on the intake side. In addition, the intake camshafts are designed for asynchronous opening of the two intake valves, resulting in enhanced swirl of the fresh, incoming mixture and therefore more effective combustion. Other technical changes to the engine relate to the camshaft drive – now taken care of by a toothed chain (previously a roller chain) – an optimised oil supply, twin-jet injection valves and a new exhaust system”. 

Screenshot 2018 09 17 17.24.47.png

Screenshot 2018 09 17 17.24.58.png

Screenshot 2018 09 17 17.25.14.png

So, the new R1250GS and R1250RT come with an increased output and torque: 100 kW (136 hp) at 7 750 rpm and 143 Nm at 6 250 rpm (previously: 92 kW (125 hp) at 7 750 rpm and 125 Nm at 6 500 rpm. Now, you have 110 NM of torque from 2.000 rpm and 120 Nm of torque from 3.500 rpm.

Besides the variable valve timing technology, the engine capacity increased to 1254 cc (previously: 1170 cc). 

Other than that, there are not so many differences. The styling looks similar, but there’s a new HP color theme for the GS – golden rims with spokes, white frame, rallye seat, short screen and an optional longer-travel suspension for intensive off-road use. There’s an Exclusive version also, with cast wheels for those who prefer a more asphalt-touring approach. 

The well-known BMW electronics are there, but now there’s a Dynamic Pro riding mode (besides the Rain, Road, Enduro and Enduro Pro) and a Dynamic Brake Control – provides the rider with extra support on brake manoeuvres. DBC increases safety when braking, even in difficult situations, by avoiding unintentional accelerator activation. The Hill start control is standard now. 

Also, the LED headlight is standard for the R1250GS. 

The weight: R1250GS – 249 KG, fully fueled. R1250RT – 279 kg. 

It seems that there are no other differences compared to the air-cooled R1200GS. Same chassis, same dashboard, same self-leveling Dynamic ESA.

The R1250RT will be available in the Spezial color theme, initially found on the K1600GTL. Both bikes will be unveiled at the Cologne motor show. No word on pricing yet, but as far as we know, it will come with quite the same price as the outgoing model. It will hit the showroom floor just after the Cologne unveiling. 

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