Meet the New Triumph Scrambler 1200. Is It the Real Deal?

Meet the new Triumph Scrambler 1200. Is it The Real Deal? 1

HOT | 21 inches front, long travel suspension. Is this a genuine Scrambler?

Triumph just unveiled the 2019 Scrambler 1200. Based on the big Bonneville, it shares the same 1,200 cc parallel twin unit which develops 90 hp and 110 Nm peak torque and great styling. But more than that, it seems to feature some high-performance long-travel suspensions and 21 inches front. So it sounds like a fun machine. 

The new-generation scramblers we’re used to are usually some spoked-wheels, high-muffler versions in the some company’s heritage line-up. None of them proved to be really fun to ride in off-road. Of course, you can do it, but the stiff, short-travel suspension and the low ground clearance offer you some limitations. 

But it seems that the big players have started to build real Scramblers. The new Desert Sled from Ducati comes with a longer travel suspension and a wide handlebar, while the guys at Triumph are raising the bar with this new Scrambler 1200. 

The new Triumph Scrambler comes in two different versions – the XC and the top-spec XE. 

First of all, there’s a long-travel Showa suspension – 250 mm travel on the XE and 200 mm on the XC. The rear-shock is provided by Ohlins and it also seems to feature an all-road friendly travel. 

scrambler 1200 xe detail 13jpg

There’s also a 21 inches front and laced rims that come with tubeless tires. The Brembo twin 320 mm floating discs with Monobloc M50 front calipers fit great on the front.

The new Triumph Scrambler offers five riding modes (six in the XE version): Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road, Configurable and Off-Road Pro.

The frame is different compared to the one on the standard Bonneville – the passenger footpegs can be removed and it features a more all-terrain approach, with that wide handlebar. It also has a 205 kg weight and a 16 litre fuel tank. 

There’s a new dash over there and the styling seems to be high-class. Of course, there are a lot of accessories – handguards, engine shield, crash bars, headlight protections, luggage and so on. The price is to be announced in December and we cannot wait to test this new Triumph Scrambler 1200.

scrambler 1200 escape kit front 3qjpg

scambler 1200 xe 2jpg

scrambler 1200 extreme kit rear 3qjpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 22jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 1jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 17jpg

scrambler 1200 xe detail 13jpg

scambler 1200 xc 3jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 5jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 19jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 10jpg

scrambler 1200 xc detail 20jpg

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