Meet the R1200RT Firexpress – the Ultimate Firefighting Motorcycle

Meet the R1200RT Firexpress - the Ultimate Firefighting Motorcycle 1

Meet a lifesaver – a BMW R1200RT bike that features a firefighting system made by the Firexpress – a Denmark-based company specialized in firefighting equipments. The system consists of two tanks connected with one another, each with either 20 or 25 litres premixed water and foam and a 6.8 litre tank for compressed air. The lance is connected to a 20 or 30 meter hose. 

Watch the video above for more – including a video demonstration

How it works 

The pressure of the air is reduced to 20 bars in a pressure regulator before it enters one of the water tanks. A non-return valve is mounted between the pressure regulator and the water tank to avoid a drop in air pressure if the air tank is disconnected while the unit is pressurised. A pressure safety valve (40 bars) is mounted in the pressure regulator.

When the air enters the top of the first water tank, it forces the water downwards and up into a tube inside the water tank and into the second water tank. From here the water is forced up into a tube inside the water tank and out into the hose. An additional safety valve (26 bars) is mounted on the water tank.

As the water entering the tube inside the water tank originates from the bottom of the water tank, only water is supplied into the hose. No air will be forced into the hose as long as there is water in the tanks.

From the water tank, the water will enter the 30 metre hose, which is connected to the lance. The lance is operated via a pistol grip. It is able to deliver 22 litres of water per minute or 110 litres of aspirated foam per minute at a range of 11 metres.


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