Meet the Sentinel. Dakar Rider’s Guardian Angel

Meet the Sentinel. Dakar Rider’s Guardian Angel 1

The Sentinel warns riders every time another vehicle is nearby

Dakar Rally is about high speed, navigation and tough terrain. The last thing to when running with 100 mph on gravel is a fallen rider in your path. 

To prevent such dangerous situations, the Dakar team introduced a high-tech system called “The Sentinel”. It is active since 2005 and warns riders when they are within 200m of another vehicle, and therefore ensures a safe overtaking. 

It’s very helpful in low visibility conditions such as the thick dust and fog. It was probably also useful during the storm in the third stage, when a rider was hit by lightning. 

Situated beside the navigation panel, it beeps and flashes to alert riders whenever someone is nearby. You can find out more about the Sentinel system in the infographic below, created by

dakar sentinel infographic en

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