Meet the World’s First Motorcycle Roof Tent

Meet the World’s First Motorcycle Roof Tent 1

It can accommodate two adults and riding gear

Giant Loop, an American company specialized in hardcore adventure gear (saddlebags and stuff) just unveiled the world’s first seat-top tent for motorcycles, the Expander Adventure STT Tent. 

“Weighing in at just under 20 lbs (just under 9 kg)., the EXPANDER™ mounts to virtually any adventure touring motorcycle, providing 100 square feet of hazard free living space while deployed safely off the ground”, according to its creator. 

“Upgrades include one-click remote controlled deployment and packing, anti-microbial UV interior lighting and a Dyneema®/Kevlar® predator barrier (patent pending)”, and this is the moment I realized there’s some serious stuff over there. 

The tent is made in the USA with tubular and extruded titanium framework, ladder and supports, with ultralight Vapor ™ fabrics. The tent packs into its own case 6” tall x 18” wide x 18” long, or about the size of a box of Voodoo Donuts. 

The preorders are available now, and the estimated first production date is April 1, 2021. There’s a special $299 launch price right now, so you should consider adding it to the shopping cart today. Good job, Giant Loop. Good Job! 

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