Meet Yamaha’s Ultimate Sport Tourer, the Tracer 900 GT

Meet Yamaha's ultimate sport tourer, the Tracer 900 GT 1

The Tracer 900 base model also gets revised for EICMA 2017

Yamaha enhances its sport-touring portfolio with a refreshed Tracer 900, along with a dedicated GT version. First, let’s talk about what goodies the Tracer 900 brings. 

The 847 cc CP3 engine used for the Tracer is now helped by a longer aluminum swingarm which enhances the power delivery, ensuring strong, linear torque. The rear shock gets some fine tuning also, highlighting the bike’s touring potential furthermore. 

Yamaha Tracer 900GT 2017 05

For a more comfortable ride, the Tracer’s large windscreen is manually adjustable. Moreover, the seat has been redesigned, rendering a more natural position for the rider, and the narrower handlebars come in handy when slipping through the traffic. The list of small, but effective modifications continues with the passengers’ footrests ― which have been revised ― and the newly designed grab bars.  

The Tracer’s aesthetics have suffered slight changes, of which the most notable the front cowl’s new air intake, and the redesigned fuel tank side panels and side wings. 

Yamaha Tracer 900GT 2017 06

The Tracer 900 GT is a base 900 clad with extra hardware and electronics, promising the ultimate touring comfort. It features a full-TFT display providing all the info about the bike, and a cruise control system (the same as in the MT-10 model) that allows you to control the traveling speed in 4th, 5th, and 6th gear when riding between 50 km/h (31 mph) and 180 km/h (112 mph). Also standard for the Tracer 900 GT are the MT-09-based quick shift system and heated grips. Oh, we forgot to mention the two 22-liter cases also fitted as standard on the GT. 

Yamaha Tracer 900 2017 03

The Tracer 900 is expected to hit the showrooms starting March 2018 followed by the Tracer 900 GT, in June 2018. 

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