Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Spotted Pulling Wheelies on a BMW G 310 GS

It seems that nothing can stop Cruise from having fun on a motorcycle

Photos of Tom Cruise appeared on SplashNews and social media. The actor is riding and pulling wheelies on a BMW G 310 GS. He’s filming for the Mission Impossible 7 movie which is scheduled to hit the cinemas on 23rd of July 2021.


Tom Cruise said that he likes to make his stunts which in this case include motorcycle riding. He is quite passionate about bikes as he rode several models in movies like Mission Impossible or Top Gun.

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Now, the filming for Mission Impossible 7 was put on hold and the production was moved from Venice, Italy, to the UK due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Although the current situation and health measures enforced don’t allow such stunts, this didn’t stop Tom Cruise to ride the BMW G 310 GS with a safety rig at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, UK.


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