Motocross Race: Dakar Rally Winner Toby Price vs MotoGP Racer Jack Miller

If you ever wondered who is a better motorcycle racer between offroad or track competitors here’s the chance. Red Bull Motorsports put together Dakar racer Toby Price and MotoGP star Jack Miller head-to-head in a motocross race to see who’s the best Australian Red Bull athlete on two-wheels.

Both racers began their motorcycle racing career by training with motocross bikes. As far as their experience goes, Toby Price won twice the Dakar Rally for KTM in 2016 and 2018, while and Jack Miller is currently a MotoGP racer riding a Ducati for Pramac Racing.

The motorcycle racers met at the local motocross track in Queensland’s Rockhampton, Australia for an MX showdown to see who is a better rider. The motocross race was five laps long and, although Price and Miller seem to be friends, whoever won the race had the loser’s plate number shaved into their hair.

The motorcycles they’ve ridden were two KTM 450 SX-F bikes. It seems quite of a little advantage for Toby Price who races rally raid motorcycles in the Dakar Rally compared to the almost 300 hp track weapons Jack Miller is used to shredding the tires off on tarmac tracks in MotoGP. But, nevertheless, it’s fun to watch these guys going head to head in a motocross race.


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