Motopressor Is the Ultimate Adventure Tyre Tool

Motopressor Is the Ultimate Adventure Tyre Tool 1

This puncture repair tool is the essential adventure sidekick

An adventure-specced puncture repair tool may sound a bit crazy, but Motopressor will make you understand why you need it.

Well, in fact, this amazing 4-in1 tool is not necessarily aimed at adventure riders; it can find its very own place in any rider’s luggage as it comes with diminutive size and weight, and is engineered to be “where-did-I-lose-that-thingie”-proof.


Of course, it’s the compact design that makes it the go-to accessory for a motorcyclist who’s not willing to be caught on the wrong foot when traveling. With looks similar to those of a pocket knife, the Motopressor makes it virtually impossible to forget or lose one of the tools you need when it comes to fixing a punctured tyre. They’re all bundled together and ready to use with little to no effort at all. Once the repair is done, just fold them back in their metallic casing and stow this nifty tool away in its own sheath.

The Motopressor is even small enough to fit in one of your pockets and forget about it. The sheath also comes with several pre-vulcanized strings that need no additional tubes of glue. These strings will plug a hole in 99% of cases while also leaving a patch style repair on the inside of your tyre.


It took Rocky Creek Designs several years to perfect the Motopressor but the result is a handy and highly functional tool you’ll soon grow to love, despite the rather unwelcome occasions when it’s needed. The set comes with a pair of pliers, a rasp, an insertion tool and a sharp knife, so you’ve got all your bases covered. Making things even easier to use, the Motopressor can also be split in half for improved ergonomy when reaming/cleaning the puncture hole or inserting the sealing strings.

So instead of being stranded on the side of the road, endlessly looking for one of the misplaced tools in a traditional puncture fix kit you left God knows where, you can make sure you always have what you need at hand in a small, easy to use and carry package. The Motopressore Puncture Repair Tool will only set you back around $46, but that’s a small price to pay for your happiness when you’re on the road.

Check out the Motopressor demo after the jump.


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