Motoz Reveal Big Adventure Bike Tractionator Desert Tires

Motoz reveal big adventure bike Tractionator Desert tires 1
Tractionator Desert H/T are the new Motoz tires dedicated to big adventure bikes, and they blend true off-road brawn with DOT specifications Say hello to Tractionator Desert H/T, tires engineered by Motoz specifically for big adventure bikes. Fun machines like KTM’s 990, 1090R, 1190R or Honda’s Africa Twin are popular choices among riders who want to mix the might of these bikes with the exhilarating off-road experience. However, until now, they had to settle for a lot of compromise when it came down to choosing their tires. The wait is over now. Road-legal tires with a penchant for off-road fun are not exactly a rarity, but true dirt performance is hard to achieve. As always, something’s gotta give, and making the choice in such a predicament used to mean making a sacrifice – less off-road character and more confidence on tarmac, or vice-versa. It looks like Tractionator Desert H/T will have this one settled. All of Motoz’ tires are DOT approved, but the company’s MX, enduro and desert racing heritage shines through. These tires come with strong grip in sand, gravel and rock scenarios, while providing good wear as well. MOTOZ Tractionator Desert HT Their aggressive shoulder offers excellent traction in ruts, extreme lean angles or off-camber riding, and they feel at home on hard pack mixed with sand and gravel or rocky roads. Equally suitable for rally use on intermediate-hard terrain, the new Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T will also perform great during serious adventure and trail exploits. These tires can be used on tubeless rims and their rubber compound is tougher, thus being able to support a heavy bike’s weight better. Motoz describes their performance mix as being “95% dry – 5% wet; 90% hard – 10% soft,” so if you plan to ride some predominantly swampy terrain, maybe you should be looking for more options. Still, the big knobs in the tread pattern and the ample space between them should help the tire self-clean pretty easily even in damp scenarios. The front comes in 90/90-21 (tubeless) 54 Q TL, while the rear is available in 150/70B18 (tubeless) 70 Q TL, with US prices we managed to spot online making them one of the niftiest choices. Just over $100 for the front and $190 for the rear is quite appealing. Now waiting to see about the mileage figures in the real life… TR_150_web Tractionator Desert HT 1408018

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