MV Agusta F4Z Zagato Unveiled

MV Agusta F4Z Zagato unveiled 1

MV Agusta released the photos of their new F4 custom machine, designed in collaboration with the famous Italian design house Zagato.

MV Agusta started teasing us a few weeks ago with short films of their new project. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer teamed up with design house Zagato for a custom version of their superbike. The F4 went from a mean bullet looking superbike to a retro-modern cafe racer.

The Milan car designers Zagato took the Augusta F4 and transformed it into a half beast half motorcycle of the future. We don’t have any clue where the inspiration came from. We certainly ask ourselves what would Massimo Tamburini think about the turn in design his model took.

The Zagato Atelier worked its magic for car builders like Maserati, Ferrari or Bentley. They are specialized in building neo-classic cars for rich people that have a taste for uniqueness. The company history goes way back the business started in 1920 in Milan, when the aeronautics engineer Ugo Zagato started building racing cars.

The lines seem to flow without any disruption, the headlight is hidden underneath the front fairing, and the windshield is the only part outside the monocoque design. Besides the MV Agusta logo on the gas tank, the Z sign was also added on the side fairings. We don't know the full specs for the new F4Z, but we won’t expect for less than the superbike’s abilities. The futuristic design seems worthy of The Fifth Element movie, and fortunately, Bruce Willis will consider making another movie using the Zagato F4.


The MV Agusta F4Z’s bodywork was built with noble materials like aluminium and carbon fibre. It consists of a limited number of relatively large panels: this is the characteristic that, in the motorcar world, sets apart collectibles from mass produced automobiles, says MV Agusta in a press release.  

Compared to the production MV Agusta F4, the F4Z features an entirely different bodywork. Some parts had to be adapted and re-engineered, others fully replaced by components that were made specially: intake manifolds, fuel tank, battery, exhaust system.


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