MV Agusta Reveals One-off Dragster RC Shining Gold

How about a gilded MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC in a special limited edition of… one?

Italian manufacturer MV Agusta proudly reveals their newest special edition machine, the Dragster RC Shining Gold. Limited to only ONE piece.

MV Agusta has enjoyed many a special edition machines along the years, but their latest creation is truly a special treat. Not only does it boast a spectacular, luxurious and over the top trim, but ot is also a one-off bike like no other.

You heard it right, the Dragster RC Shining Gold is the only one of its kind, lush, excessively rich and buit for a client that’s still not known to us. Can’t tell if this bike is a commission for a client or it will be auctioned for a specific purpose, but either way, the Dragster RC Shining Gold IS “motorcycle art” by all means.

The bike is based off MV Agusta’s Dragster 800 RC, and it retains the overall appearance, from a physical standpoint. No special add-ons are present on the bike, but the stock parts received a most luxurious treatment that’s sure to leave a burning hole in anyone’s pocket.

Almost all the visible metal parts received a special “silver mirror” treatment, except that the finish color is bright gold, for a kingly look. This includes the trellis frame, the rims, triple exhaust heatshield, the tank and the tail section, and even the dash housing. The hand levers and fuel tank cap are also golden, in sync with the rest of this stunning machine.

House Varese also threw in a bevy of ergal and carbon fiber elements to raise the bar even higher and the bike comes with a sport exhaust in a nifty separate wooden box. The SC Project Reparto Corse muffler is most likely not road-legal and is a trick for track days.

Making things even more intriguing, MV Agusta delivers the Dragster RC Shining Gold with a one-off X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon helmet, also finished in gold and a bike cover that proudly displays the “1-off” print. No word on the price of this astonishing machine yet, but we guesstimate something around 50K or so. Bets, anyone?

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