New BMW G310 GS 2017 Was Spied

New BMW G310 GS 2017 Was Spied 1

BMW got spied while testing a small class adventure model based on the G310 in Italy

The Motorrad family will have a new member. Apparently, BMW prepares a small class adventure model based on the G 310 R roadster. This weekend, three units were photographed during testing in northern Italy. Their main features are different suspensions, bigger wheels and a look inspired by BMW's big adventure model.

Long travel suspensions 

The suspension is changed, looking ready to leave the road for some gravel fun. The new small GS is equipped with a long travel up-side-down suspension and probably a different rear shock as well. The wheels are also a bit different, and not just because of the tire choice. The front wheel seems to be 19 inches in diameter and the rear at least 17 inches. The photos also reveal that the bikes have only cast wheels. However, a spoke version may also be offered as an option.

Innovative thumper

The engine is a 313 cc thumper that produces up to 34 HP, built in collaboration with the Indian company TVS. This liquid-cooled, single-cylinder unit is mounted backwards, just like in the G 310 R small roadster. The barrel position is very different to other engines-leaned towards the back of the bike. The electronic fuel injection is mounted facing the front wheel. The advantages of this change are the low center of gravity and a shorter wheelbase. The handling has to remain a key feature for BMW bikes.

Screen Shot 2016 10 03 at 14.48.49.png

R 1200 Look

The lines are similar to its bigger sibling, the R 1200 adventure. The side fairings are shaped in the same manner, and the front fender makes it look like a robust adventure bike. The headlight looks like the one on the G 310 R, slightly larger. The tail unit features a baggage holder, in addition to passenger handles. It will probably get a similar top case as the R 1200. It will be an entry level adventure bike in Europe and an important model in the emerging markets.

While the small roadster is expected to hit dealer floor next year, the dual-sport derived from the R may debut at EICMA this fall. 

Photo source: MOTOCICLISMO

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