New Customizing Parts for R nineT Family on Sale. Roland Sands Signature

New Customizing Parts for R nineT Family on sale. Roland Sands signature 1
BMW Motorrad presented “Machined Parts” – a new collection of fine quality customizing parts for the R nineT family The “Machined Parts” are created from aluminum, while the design was created in collaboration with Roland Sands.  They can be fitted to R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Scrambler, R nineT Racer and R nineT Urban G/S.  The following “Machined Parts” are now available from BMW Motorrad dealerships: Cylinder head covers Machined
Oil filler neck lid Machined
Belt cover Machined
Headlight cover Machined
Handlebar end cover Machined
Rear axle cover Machined
Bevel gear bearing cover Machined
Swinging-arm pivot mount cover Machined Other “Machined Parts” products are in preparation.  The parts are initially made from an aluminium forging blank using a CNC-controlled machine tool, after they undergo elaborate hand-polishing before application of a black coating. Selected areas are then milled once more so that the original distinctive aluminium surface becomes visible again. machined parts 2 machined parts 3 machined parts 7 machined parts 5    

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