New Dainese D-AIR – the Ultimate AirBag System?

New Dainese D-AIR - The Ultimate AirBag System? 1

Third-generation D-AIR is here, check out the highlights

Dainese is constantly improving their D-AIR technology and, thanks to their airbag system, they make their jackets and suits a lot lighter and easier to use. We’ve got acquainted with new range of products and the highlights of the third generation of D-AIR by the expert on sight at the Milan show. Here’s what we’ve learned.

The system features a patented internal microfilaments technology that helps the airbag inflate in a balanced way. This way the changes of deformation or decreased protection are reduced.

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The software is now even sharper and now is performing an astonishing 1000 times per second thorough analysis of the sensors ending up with the higher level of reliability and safety for the rider.

The system is now lighter and a lot more comfortable. The third generation is up to 37% lighter than the previous model while the comfort level is increased due to the new design. By fully integrating the airbag in the garment you get rid of all the annoying underlayer that needed to be paired in order to get the electronics running.

To make things easier, in case of detonation, you can now go to your local dealer and replace the cartridge. The dealer will perform this operation in less than a day compared to the annoying and time-consuming procedure that was used in the past.

The garments range is now a lot more offering. No matter if you ride an adventure bike or you are a woman you can now buy a jacket that features the famous D-AIR airbag system.

The prices for any garments in the new collection is about 500 euro less expensive than the previous models. But you still need to pay $4,000 for a Mugello D-Air racing suit.

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