New Honda X-Adv: Meet Honda’s Mad Adventure Scooter

New Honda X-Adv: Meet Honda’s Mad Adventure Scooter 1

Honda just unveiled another unique product that will make it to series production

Honda X-Adv is a “ready for adventure” maxi-scooter powered by a 750 cc 53 hp inline twin.

Honda is full of surprises. Last year, the Japanese giant revealed a concept-adventure-scooter. It wasn’t just a design fantasy – this machine will hit the market in a couple of months. 

Watch Honda X-Adv Firs View Video at EICMA 2016

Honda X-Adv is a maxi-scooter with an “off-road ready attitude.” But let’s take a look at the tech specs: 238 kg, an NC-derived parallel twin and a 17-inch front. OK, it should be very hard to hit the trails with this machine. 

82675_17YM_X_ADV 2

Anyway, we’re sure that no enduro rider will choose a scooter to go into the woods, so let’s act more indulgent when it comes to Honda’s new machine. 

Honda X-Adv comes with an upright riding position, a 21-liter under-seat storage and a DCT (dual-clutch automatic) transmission with two riding modes – D mode, S mode (three levels). No G (enduro) mode, unfortunately. But wait: we’re talking about an adventure-oriented scooter, so it’s ok. 


It is also fitted with hand-guards, a rally-inspired dash, and an adjustable screen. The new Honda X-Adv scooter also comes with a keyless ride system. 

The braking system seems pretty confident. Honda X-Adv comes with a dual-disc and radial calipers at the front. But this is a justified thing. It has the same weight as an Africa Twin.

Maybe it's not a genuine enduro machine, but this new Honda X-Adv looks great and seems comfortable to cope with the bumpy roads. 

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