New Kawasaki Ninja 400 for 2018

New Kawasaki Ninja 400 for 2018 1

Euro 4 and ready to perform

The emission regulations come down hard on the industry no matter the engine capacity. But for the new Kawasaki Ninja 400 seems to be a good thing. The old Ninja 300 couldn’t pass the Euro 4 standards so now it clears the stage for it’s new bigger sibling, the Ninja 400.

Ninja_400_002 2

The biggest achievement of the new Ninja 400 is the massive weight loss. The new Ninja lost 8 kg due to a whole new engine and frame. The new twin cylinder engine is almost the same size with the Ninja 250 power plant while the weight figure is 1 kg lower than the Ninja250.


The Ninja 400 comes fitted with Assisted and Slippery Clutch that means less force to pull the clutch and reduces the chances to skid the rear when hard downshifting. The seat height is 786mm, with this figure the bike is ideal for any type of rider.

The looks got some attention also, bringing the Ninja 400 closer to its bigger sisters. The wheels are similar to the ones on the Ninja 650, and the front cowl shares the lines of the Ninja H2. The two headlight are now LED, and the dash is close to the one on the Ninja 650.


The gas tank can handle 14 liters and makes the bike feel beefier than the old Ninja 300. The price is not available yet, but we are sure the Ninja 400 will be available next spring.

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