New Road Markings for Motorcyclists. What Do You Think?

New road markings for motorcyclists. What do you think? 1

First in Austria, now in Luxemburg. Is it a good idea?

The Roads Authority in Luxemburg tested for a couple of months a new system of road markings dedicated to motorcyclists. At the end of June, the State Roads and Bridges Administration in Luxemburg developed a road marking system that guides the motorcyclists in the bends, so they could keep a safe distance from the median line and use more the middle of their lane. After a couple of months, they are back with the results: it made the riding safer. 

On the other hand, the road markings are very slippery when its wet outside, and one of the basic rules in rain riding is avoiding any contact with the road markings. But probably that’s the idea: the bikers should avoid riding on those markings. 

safety marking


Austria was the first country to use this type of markings on the famous Grossglockner roads – one of the most crowded destination in the Alps. 

This is not the only motorcycle safety measure in Europe. Maybe one of the best measures to protect the bikers is fixing the guard-rail killers. They’re called like that due to the metal poles holding the barrier that cut like blades and can brake anything. A biker that fell off his bike and starts sliding towards those metal poles is lucky to be alive in the case of an impact. That’s the reason every guard-rail pole should be covered like the ones in the picture below.

guardrail killer

guardrail killer.png

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