New Yamaha X-Max 400 Unveiled

Traction control and keyless ignition system included

Yamaha announced a new version of its X-Max 400 maxi-scooter. It looks very similar to the X-Max 300, but it has a larger displacement engine that produces 33 hp. Yamaha says that the new X-Max 400 comes with improved comfort and agility and increased practicality. 

The new 400 cc scoot features a larger under-seat storage compartment capable of accommodating two full-face helmets, while the new seat offers better comfort for the rider due to a small backrest. 

2018 Yamaha X MAX 400 EU Phantom Blue Detail 006

The new X-Max 400 also features new forks, LED headlights and a smart-key ignition system just as the T-Max.  Among the new features there is also a traction control system. You may be wondering why would you need such a feature on a 33 hp scooter, but think about the rainy days on a cobblestone surface. The traction control makes the X-Max a better all-year all-rounder.

2018 Yamaha X MAX 400 EU Phantom Blue Action 004

2018 Yamaha X MAX 400 EU Phantom Blue Static 006

2018 Yamaha X MAX 400 EU Phantom Blue Studio 001

2018 Yamaha X MAX 400 EU Phantom Blue Detail 004

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