Newron EV-1 Electric Motorcycle. 0-60mph in Under 3 Seconds

Newron EV-1 electric motorcycle. 0-60mph in under 3 seconds 1

This machine has 240 Nm of torque and a range up to 300 km

The EV-1’s interesting detail is the structural design of the frame which includes the Battery Pack. Here are the details.


The Engine

The Newron EV-1 electric motorcycle features a PMAC engine making 100 hp and 240 Nm of torque. The power figures are enough for the EV-1 electric motorcycle to accelerate from 0 to 100kph in under three seconds and reach a top speed of 220 kph (the top speed is electronically limited).


The Battery

The EV-1 is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery offering a range of around 300 km in city mode and 220 km using the electric motorcycle on the highway. Also, the Battery Pack is a structural part of the chassis that helps the Newron EV-1 with maintenance, evolution, upgrades and materials recovery.


Charging the battery to 80% takes up to 40 minutes using a DC Fast charge (CCS plug). The standard 3kw On-Board Charger will increase the charging time to five hours. Newron offers 7kw option which helps charge the battery to 80% in two hours and 30 minutes using a type two plug.


The Chassis, suspension and brakes

The EV-1 uses an exoskeleton chassis which is linking the front end to the rear end through a structural battery.

For the suspension setup, Newron equipped the bike with an unconventional fork and a traditional mono-shock on the rear.

The Braking system is provided by Beringer and features CNC monobloc callipers made from an aeronautical aluminium alloy.


On the front, the electric motorcycle is fitted with two 320mm brake discs and radial four-piston callipers while for the rear Newron equipped the EV-1 with a single 265mm brake disc. It also has ABS and multi-level regenerative braking.

The wheels, weight and features

The wheels are made of carbon fibre helping the EV-1 to be agile through corners and keeping the weight down at 220 kg.


The motorcycle is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Newton also offers smartphone connection which helps riders to access assistance and links if they need to and view the status of their electric motorcycle.


Delivery and price

The Newron EV-1 is manufactured in France and only 12 units will be available. The price tag is €60,000 and to purchase this electric motorcycle, customers will have to put a 2,000 deposit (which they can withdraw anytime).

The EV-1 is available for pre-order on the European market and the electric motorcycle can be delivered in 2021. 


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