Nikola NZT Electric UTV Packs 590 HP and 979 Nm

Nikola NZT electric UTV packs 590 HP and 979 Nm 1

Nikola NZT is the most powerful and sophisticated UTV around, with supercar-like specs that go up to590 hp ad 979 Nm

Enter Nikola NZT, probably the world’s coolest electric UTV. We all knew that it was only a matter of time until electric UTVs would make it big, and it looks like things are just heading that way as we speak. Still in its infancy, the electric UTV universe already brings a ton of credible promises that might soon make these vehicles just as popular as their internal combustion siblings.

Nikola NZT can be delivered in multiple power configurations, from 266 hp to a whopping 590 hp, while the torque values range from 556 to 979 Nm. Depending on customers’ battery choice, the NZT provides a range between 145 and 241 km (90-150 miles). Because the weight of the battery pack affects acceleration, Nikola NZT’s 0 to 60 mph sprint varies between a mind-boggling 3.5s and 5.3 seconds.


Still, it’s more than raw figures that make NZT a machine well worth your attention. All four wheels come with independent suspension equipped with Fox 3.0 Podium Internal Bypass shocks that offer 20” (~51cm) of travel for incredible stability regardless of terrain roughness and speed.

The roll cage is made from 2” DOM A-513 military grade steel providing both exceptional stiffness and top-level protection for when the going gets really tough. There are 4 direct drive 400V AC motors aboard the Nikola NZT, one for each wheel, with single gear reduction, while the on-demand 2×4 or 4×4 modes are accessible at any speed. Cue 33” Kevlar reinforced tires shoeing the 17” cast aluminium bead lock rims for true offroad prowess, too.

Nikola got IP67 certification for the entire NZT, and this means you can literally submerge this UTV and then drive out without any issue, and this includes the 7” and massive 12.2” displays. The spec list also mentions a no-nonsense 1,359 kg (3,000 lb) towing capacity and an upcoming 4kW solar DC charger.

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Being an electric beast, the overall weight is much greater than what the ICE competition brings forth. The lightest NZT tips the scales at 1,042 kg (2,300 lb), while the heaviest weighs a solid 1,902 kg (4,200 lb).

On the ground clearance side, the bigger tires also provide an advantage, with the Nikola NZT posting 14.5 inches (368mm) of clearance, still half an inch more than the best the competition can muster in the case of the Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo.

Charging the NZT can take as little as 3 hours when using the 400V Nikola high-speed genset. “Refueling” the NZT using a 240V to J1772 charger will require 8 hours, while feeding the J1772 charger from an 110V outlet will sideline you for 18 hours. Battery packs available can store 75, 100 or 125 kWh.

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Customers can get their Nikola NZT for base prices that start at $28,900, which is in the ball park of Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X R. The top-spec version NZT however, has a starting point at $61,900, with various extras adding up to this. Definitely not your everyday shopping list item, but the Nikola NZT certainly looks like a ton of fun.

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