Nolan & Sony Created Their Helmet of the Future

Nolan & Sony created their Helmet of the Future 1

GPS & infotainment next to your right eye. Bonus: an emergency stop signal.

Nolan ARX is the newest smart helmet project on the market. It allows the projection, via a head-up display, of a hologram in the rider’s field of vision. 

The Nolan ARX helmet is providing information for safety and riding comfort, according to the Nolan Press Release. But that happens as long as the display doesn’t grab your attention too much. 

The technology is provided by Sony and it’s called “holographic waveguide technology.” It takes the light created in the optical engine and projects a virtual image through the holographic optical elements to the eyes of the wearer. 

There is a connection to Nolan’s N-Com communication system and a dedicated smartphone app. 

The N-Com ARX is an open-source platform, so Nolan is inviting everyone to develop applications for it. 

The Smart-helmet won’t hit the market soon, according to Nolan. But it’s a new important sign that the big helmet brands are focusing towards smart helmet technology. Another interesting smart-helmet prototype is the one presented by BMW Motorrad a couple of months ago. 

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