Onyx Reveals Stunning Retro-Styled, Luxurious 60 Mph Pedelecs

Onyx reveals stunning retro-styled, luxurious 60 mph pedelecs 1

Frisco-based Onyx Motorbikes reveals two pedelec projects that look both amazing and luxurious, and the top version can do a whopping 60 mph; both projects already overfunded

Onyx Motorbikes is a San Francisco-based company specialized in manufacturing mopeds and their two recent creations left us drooling. Enter Onyx CTY and RCR, two retro-styled pedelecs that pack so much more than looks.

The CTY and RCR monikers stand for “city” and “racer,” and they describe the purpose of these two-wheelers, but there is more to these than meets the eye. For starters, the design of these machines might be the first thing to captivate you. Onyx hasn’t shied away from endowing these pedelecs with authentic ‘70s mojo, from the classic seats to the low-hanging bars, round headlights and wooden accents.

Onyx CTY_01.png

Onyx CTY is the “tamed” version created for riders who are looking for a convenient commuter. Its rear hub motor packs 3.3 hp and a solid 160 Nm of instantaneous torque, while the 48V battery can hold 768 Wh. The standard battery pack will give you between 40 and 64 km (25-40 miles) range, with a top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph). A secondary battery pack is available as an option, doubling the range. The CTY can be pre-ordered for $1,750, with the extra battery (and charger) an additional $350.

Onyx CTY_02

The RCR is a different game, altogether. For starters, the RCR can reach a top speed of 96 km/h (60 mph), which makes it more of a proper motorcycle than a bicycle. Its 7.24 hp motor produces 182 Nm of torque and is fed by a 72V, 1.58 kWh battery. Riding the RCR sensibly at 32 km/h (20 mph) yields a range of 121 km (75 miles), but squeezing the last bit of power would decrease the range significantly.

Onyx RCR_01

Onlyx also has a secondary battery pack available for $800, while the base version of the RCR will set you back with $2,450 on pre-order. And if you want to go all the way into the crazy realm, Onyx has prepared a dirt kit for $300. You get 17" x 2.75" knobby tires, fenders, a wire headlight grille, fork dust covers and a rear trail rack with sidebag supports, plus free installation, meaning you’re ready to tackle the back roads as well.

Onyx RCR_02

Delivery is estimated for September 2018, as the IndieGoGo Onyx Motorbikes campaign is already 170% funded at the time of writing, and still runs for a month.

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