Renard GT, the Amazing Carbon Fiber Roadster

Renard GT, the amazing carbon fiber roadster 1

Estonian builder Renard’s Grand Tourer is a 50,000 Euro custom roadster made from carbon fiber, Kevlar and aluminium

Welcome the Renard Grand Tourer, a two-wheeled jewel that’s never been in the spotlight, despite its stunning character and high-tech engineering. The GT marks the rebirth of Estonian brand Renard, more than seven decades after its inception. Having built small-displacement machines since 1938, the Second World War brought the total destruction to the factories in the March 1944 bombardments.

Reborn under the supervision of Andres Uibomae, Renard shifted to building striking custom roadsters. The Grand Tourer uses a Moto Guzzi Griso engine bored to 1326cc and now capable of delivering 123 hp @ 7100 rpm and a no-nonsense torque of 134 Nm at 5600 rpm. However, it’s the carbon fiber monocoque chassis and the Hossack fork that are the most amazing elements of this build.

Renard used carbon fiber to engineer a monocoque frame that also integrates the airbox and fuel tank and provides exceptional stiffness for surgical-precision steering. Massive and almost bulky as the frame may seem, this load-bearing structure is reinforced with Kevlar and only weighs 9 kg (19.8 lb). The exhaust, which is also a Renard bespoke creation, sits underneath the engine, beautifully integrated in the carbon belly of the machine.


The fork is a Hossack, or parallelogram unit, is made from carbon fiber, and the same composite was used to fabricate the 17” rims. The Renard GT is equipped with a bevy of CNC-machined hardened aluminium parts, adding both looks and functionality.

Suspensions are endowed with top-drawer Ohlins shock absorbers, a dual-adjustment S36DR1L unit for the fork and the classic 3-way adjustable TTX36 for the rear. Stopping power comes from a dual-rotor assembly in the front, using 320mm discs and 6-pot monoblock calipers, while in the back we find a single 220mm rotor and a 4-piston caliper. Both brake masters and the hydraulic clutch slave are ISR units.


The Renard GT has a dry weight of 170 kg (375 lb) and a generous 17-liter (4.5 US gal) tank that provides good autonomy for longer trips. The solo seat makes the Grand Tourer a machine for one-up fun only, with no room for luggage, other than a rider-carried backpack. With a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph), the Renard GT definitely sounds like a hell of a ride, regardless of whether you commute, burn rubber at the racetrack, or go on a longer adventure.

The only downsides are the 4 to 5 months lead time to have Renard complete your order in either white or black trim, and the price tag – a hefty 50,000 euro.




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