Restored Movie to Watch: Engaged to Death

Enter the ‘50s Italian racing mad scene. “I Fidanzati della Morte” was released in 1957, and the people at Roddagio Film saved it and now it’s available online. 

The movie was directed by Romolo Marcellini, and the cast includes famous Italian actors of that time and motorcycle racers. It’s the golden age of Italian racing with rare footage from Monza GP and the last edition of the legendary Milano – Taranto race. Among the iconic images, we can find some footage including the Moto-Guzzi wind tunnel at work. 

The film was released just a year before the famous but dangerous “dustbin fairings” were banned due to safety reasons. 

There’s 1:31 minutes of authentic Italian passion. Racing, love story, and rivalries. You can watch it on Vimeo for $8.99 – 48h streaming,

Here’s the trailer.

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