REV’IT! Offtrack – Unboxing and Waterproof Test

REV’IT! Offtrack - Unboxing and waterproof test 1
The guys at REV’IT! sent us their brand new Offtrack suit to review in real riding conditions. But before that, we unboxed it and had a shower outside the office.  REV’IT! unveiled the Offtrack jacket and pants for their new 2019 adventure collection. The Offtrack combo is a decent priced suit for those looking for a three-season adventure outfit. It costs around 650 euros. In fact, it's the most affordable three-season combo from REV’IT!, and considering that it comes fitted with smart pockets, air-vents, a waterproof layer, and a thermal liner, there’s a good value for money.  Just by looking at the materials, it seems suitable for a three-season climate, with riding temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. 
We’ll test the Offtrack jacket and pants in real-life riding conditions, and we’ll wear the combo in our future adventure test rides and travels. We’ll come up with an in-depth review later this year. Until then, let’s unbox it and make the first waterproof test. Since it wasn’t raining outside when filming this video, we had to come up with something… different. 
The jacket is available in four different colors, and the pants are available in black and black-silver. Learn more on

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