Rev’it! Quantum Racing Suit – Interview With the Expert

Rev'it! Quantum Racing Suit - Interview with the expert 1

The Quantum one-piece leather suit got my attention because it has two of the most important features for a rider, improved ventilation and increased mobility while keeping the protection at the highest level. Considering that the racing suit is always a must no matter if you consider a track day or if you love to ride your sports bike on longer trips, this new release from Rev'it might be the perfect answer.

The good looks come second on my list but, this piece of gear is eye candy due to the neon yellow finish. If the colour is not convincing enough, there's also the hexagonal embossing that makes the leather less rigid therefore you get increased mobility. Ventilation wise, there are big chunks of textile areas meant to increase the air flow and cool down the rider on a hot day.

The Quantum suit was built with help company’s MotoGP experience and, they’ve even add-up a set of elbow sliders that can be very easily replaced. So if you’re thinking about dragging your elbows around the track, this suit is a great option that comes with a very good price-quality ratio. The price for the Rev'it Quantum one-piece suit is 1000 euro.

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