REV’IT! Unveils New SS20 Sport Collection

REV’IT! unveils new SS20 Sport collection 1

Designed from MotoGP, the SS20 Sport collection brings new safety features for the road

REV’IT! embodies new safety features into their sport collection for 2020. Among the features, we find reallocating seams, engineered skin and tailored technology. The new products include the Hyperspeed one-piece suit & jackets, Argon one-piece suit, Mission shoes and sport gloves.

To begin with, the REV’IT! Hyperspeed one-piece suit is inspired by MotoGP. It offers the rider the ability to move around freely thanks to the pattern of the suit that is developed to allow the rider to easily move on the bike.
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The shell stretch and various so-called “stretch lips” are strategically positioned meaning that the leather is carried out in a figure-following harmonica construction allowing freedom of movement for the rider. The areas provide the required abrasion resistance to achieve the required results.

The REV’IT! Hyperspeed one-piece suit is manufactured from A-grade cowhide put together using a strong PWR. Furthermore, the comfort level is good and the suit is created to keep the rider cool due to a partially ventilated outer shell, that allows wind to reach the rider’s body. To add to that feature, the suit has a 3D air mesh at the inside of the shoulders.
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Protection is ensured by dual comp protectors at the shoulders and knees as well as CE-rated impact protectors for elbows and hips. For additional protection, the REV’IT! Hyperspeed one-piece suit is prepared for the CE-rated divided Seesoft chest protector and CE-level 2 Seesoft back protector insert. Furthermore, the suit is fitted with replaceable knee sliders and replaceable elbow sliders.  Also, the REV’IT! new SS20 Sport collection offers the Hyperspeed Pro jacket (with speedhump) and Hyperspeed Air jacket which is ventilated. 

The REV’IT! Hyperspeed Pro jacket is the top half of the Hyperspeed one-piece suit, it offers the same features like elbow sliders, dual comp hard parts, and a speed hump and can be worn with track trousers or jeans.
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On the other hand, the REV’IT! Hyperspeed Air jacket offers additional airflow at the elbow area and is focused more on-street use thus it lacks the speedhump and elbow sliders that we find on the Hyperspeed Pro jacket.

The REV’IT! Argon one-piece suit features a partially ventilated, abrasion-resistant cowhide outer shell and is inspired by MotoGP technology. At the shoulders is provided with TPU hard parts that are in line with the dual-comp protectors. The replaceable knee sliders come as standard and to increase the safety features, the suit comes with limb protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and knees similar to the ones used in MotoGP. At the hips, the suit is fitted with CE-rated Seesmart protectors and feature Seesoft CE-rated divided chest protector inserts and  Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert.
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To keep the body cool when riding at a track day, the suit is fitted with a partially ventilated outer shell and 3D air mesh collar which is placed around the inside of the shoulders and spreads out air from the shoulders to the back, where it exits the suit from underneath the speedhump. 

For foot protection, the REV’IT! new SS20 Sport collection offers the Mission shoes. They are a combination of comfortable sneakers and protective motorcycle boots. They feature a thermoformed heel and toe cup which are paired with an injected ankle cup for improved safety. The OrthoLite insoles offer comfort when riding your bike and to keep cool, the Mission shoes round lace closure is backed up by a hook-and-loop operated closure strap and thanks to the ventilation at the tongue of the shoes, cooling is ensured. 
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Lastly, the REV’IT! new SS20 Sport collection comes with multiple models when it comes to gloves.

The REV’IT! Xena 3 Ladies gloves have a hard knuckle protector incorporated, a TPU hard-shell palm slider, and a TPU wrist protector fitted to the double closure long cuff for improved safety features. They are manufactured from abrasion-resistant cowhide leather and feature yarn stitching. 
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Other gloves that REV’IT! is offering are the League gloves. They are made out of highly abrasion-resistant leather and offer a hard knuckle protector, a TPU hard-shell palm slider and a TPU wrist protector fitted to the double closure long cuff. 

Moving further, REV’IT! launches the Chevron 3 gloves. They are the third generation and offer hard knuckle protection, a TPU hard-shell palm slider, and a highly abrasion-resistant, partially ventilated outer shell. 

The REV’IT! Prime gloves are fitted with abrasion-resistant leather and have incorporated knuckle protection. To offer the best level of safety, the gloves have drum-dyed goatskin wraps which offer a good level of abrasion resistance and feel very flexible. The cuffs are made from a four-way stretch material which reduces the effort to put them on or take them off.
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Lastly, REV’IT! offers the Jerez 3 gloves. They feature MotoGP technology and all protection follows the hand’s anatomy. The construction of the knuckle protector follows to the back of the hand giving freedom of movement and offering protection to the top surface of the hand. 

The wrist is covered with TPU protector, the palm area has two sliders helping the ride to have a controlled slide reducing the overstress of the hand. 

We are very curious to test out some of these products so stay tuned for further details and reviews.

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