Riding in the Winter. Survival Guide

Here are some tips for riding in frosty days without transforming into a White Walker.

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. If you don’t want to stay at home and watch Michael Buble’s winter concert here’s some things you should consider.

Know your Tex

There’s a magic shield against the rain and the wind. It usually has a name that ends in “Tex” and stops the wind and rain, while allowing your body to breathe. GoreTex is the most famous – you should have it no matter what jacket or pants you wear.

There are two types of motorcycle suits, considering the construction: with a removable GoreTex layer or with a GoreTex shield wich is laminated to the outer shell of the suit. Choose the latter if you want a better weather protection. Beware that the laminated Gore-Tex suits are more expensive than the three in one suits.

gore tex

Of course, you should also have some good winter gloves and boots.

Dress like an onion – the three-layer rule

Three thin layers are better than a winter sweater. Remember the three-layer rule – a layer against the wind and rain, a thermal layer and a base layer. Invest in some high-quality gear and use technical fabric. You should still be able to ride your bike without looking like Santa Claus.

Also, don’t forget your balaclava.

Windscreens and hand-guards

The wind is your greatest enemy. If you want to ride during the winter, you need a bike with fairings. Or, at least, you should add some aftermarket plastics to your roadster. First of all, a windscreen – the tallest you can find. Then, add some handguards. No matter what kind of heated grips you have, without handguards, they are useless because you’ll feel your palm burning and your fingers freezing.

SW Motech GSX S handguards

If you want more, you can add some scooter muffs, which are reasonably priced and highly effective. Considering the bike you ride, you can also choose a leg cover.

Heated gear

There’s nothing better than a heated motorcycle suit. You can find heated gloves, heated vests heated trousers, heated boots insole, etc. Everything can be electrically heated, and some garments also have a rechargeable battery pack. You just need a 12v outlet on your bike.

Riding in the Winter. Survival Guide 12

Heated bike

There’s not just the engine that must heat up for a comfortable ride. You should also buy some heated grips and a heated seat. They make the difference.


A newspaper

Grab “Financial Times” and put it under your jacket, next to your chest. It’s a broadsheet, so it has enough content to keep you warm and people will think you’re a CEO. No, really. Paper is one of the best insulations you can have. So if the night takes you by surprise in a far away place buy a newspaper.


A hot tea

Stop from time to time and have a hot tea. It makes you feel alive until you’ll reach your destination. And maybe you’ll meet someone who can get you warm later.


Featured photo source: http://www.sjaaklucassen.nl – an explorer who rides in extreme conditions

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