Royal Enfield Concept KX v-Twin – Stunning Design

Royal Enfield Concept KX V-Twin - Stunning Design 1

Walkaround | Dear Royal Enfield, please make it to production. Insights and Interview

The Concept KX V-Twin instantaneously caught our attention at the Royal Enfield booth in Milan. There's a certain desire to take it for a ride the second you spot it, and that’s something really hard to achieve these days. The guys at Royal Enfield outdone themselves by coming up with this eye-appealing cruiser. 

Unfortunately, the Concept KX is a creational exercise of the Royal Enfield design team and the chances to see this machine making it to production any time soon are very small. The bike is a modern resurrection of the famous Model KX launched by Royal Enfield back in 1938. The company managed to come with the prototype in just six months of work. The attention to details is just insane and, the impeccable blend between old school look and modern lines is astonishing.

Check out our talk with Mark Wells – Head of Product Strategy and Industrial Design from Royal Enfield in the window below or directly on our

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The engine fitted is a whole new power plant, an 883cc V-twin that we might see on future Royal Enfield models. Instead of a conventional front end, the Concept features a girder fork just like its predecessor but, the styling is a whole different story. Actually, the theme of the prototype brings out the coolest modern motorcycles solutions you could think off.

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