RYCA Custom Motorcycles Kits

RYCA Custom Motorcycles Kits 1

Or how to build your dream machine with basic tools and a kit from RYCA.

You’ve got a stash of cash in your pocket but not enough to afford a new custom bike. However, you still want to make your bike stand out in a crowd of stock motorcycles, don’t you? Well, if this sounds familiar, you should read this article.

Whether you got tired of owning a bone stock Harley Davidson Sportster or a Suzuki S40/Savage/LS650, or you’re just looking for a weekend project, you’re in the right place.

Before ordering a custom bike kit from RYCA, you should know that your project begins with a new or used donor bike – either the old reliable Harley Davidson Sportster or a Suzuki S40 (also known as Savage, Boulevard S40, or LS650). Before going through this article, I need to tell you the most important fact about these project kits: all the custom parts bolt on with no welding or any fabrication required. This gives the advantage of reverting the bike to its factory shape in a matter of hours.

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The beauty of RYCA kits is that you have multiple variants to choose from. You can get a stock bike in any style that fits you: Cafe Racer, Hardtail Bobber, Scrambler or Tracker. You will get the classic looks, but with the perks of modern reliability. 

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For the Suzuki S40, the base prices for the full kits range from $2,595 to $3,319. When ordering a kit, you also have the possibility to add some extra parts to the package. Besides the looks, installing the RYCA kits also results in a better power-to-weight ratio. You will shave about 60 lbs of weight. If you don’t want to revert to factory spec, you can sell some parts to get cash back.

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Besides the full conversion kit, which gives you everything you need to get a bike modded, you can also buy separate parts like handlebars, seats, wheels, mirrors, fenders, exhausts, tail lights, clip-on bars, rear sets, shocks, tanks, and a whole bunch of other parts that you might find useful when upgrading your bike.

Also, on an important note, the separate parts fit multiple brands and models. You can get parts that are bolt on for different models of Triumph, Honda or Yamaha bikes.

Considering you can get your hands on a used, low mileage Suzuki S40 for less than $2,000, you can build yourself a custom bike for less than $5,000.

For further info regarding these kits, prices, and parts, please visit rycamotors.com

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