Samsung Smart Windshield – HUD on Your Motorcycle Windscreen

Samsung Smart Windshield – HUD on Your Motorcycle Windscreen 1

Samsung revealed a Smart Windshield that connects to your smartphone and shows you navigation data and caller’s ID.

Samsung Smart Windshield is the first windscreen turned into a device that connects to your smartphone. It has a dedicated app and Wi-Fi connection which enable the windscreen to show you a GPS Navigator or who’s calling to let you decide if you’ll answer to your phone or send an automatic message. You can also get WhatsApp notifications and emails. 

Samsung presented the smart windshield as a safety product, but it acts more like a dangerous product because it can disturb your attention. For now, it is just a concept and it was fitted on a Yamaha Tricity scooter. 

Although it’s the first smart windscreen ever, it’s not the first product to give you caller ID information and navigation together. Garmin navigation systems, for example, enable a similar smartphone connection and give you the same details. Garmin Zumo enables you to control music & media (including Pandora), to see live traffic and weather radar via Smartphone Link App – all through Bluetooth. 

Other smart motorcycle devices on the market are the so-called smarthelmets. The most successful product to date is Skully AR-1 Smarthelmet dubbed as “the first augmented reality helmet on the market.” 

Skully AR-1 features a built-in 180 degrees Blindspot Camera and Heads-up Display so you have a “digitally rearview mirror.” Of course, you have audio and visual navigation cues if you need it. 

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