Shetters Ultra-Fast Adaptive Solar-Powered LCD Helmet Visor Up for Funding

Shetters ultra-fast adaptive solar-powered LCD helmet visor up for funding 1

French startup Shetters is looking for crowdfunding to bring to the market their all-new, ultra-fast, solar-powered LCD helmet visor that could revolutionize motorcycling

Shetter is French startup that is now seeking crowdfunding for their interesting project that aims to bring a new optical technology to the market. Well, “new” isn’t exactly the best term, as electrophotochromic visors have been around for quite some time now. The novelty factor, however, is that Shetters managed to devise a self-tinting visor that is not only independent, but also faster than every other similar piece of tech before.

The new visor used the classic LCD film, activated by a small electric charge. Unlike other self-tinting visor screens, Shetters’ only needs 0.04 seconds to go from crystal clear to heavily dark, or the other way around. Basically, we could say that the change is instantaneous, and this is a major boon for everyone.


The visor comes with an integrated light sensor that triggers the LCD using a microchip, also located in the lens. Energy comes from the sun itself, so Shetters’ visor is entirely autonomous, never requiring a battery change or other similar interventions.

The change is fully automatic and doesn’t need user interaction. If needed, riders can activate a hardware lock that disables the system. The LCD works in all changing light conditions, including day to night transitions (or vice versa), tunnels, dense foliage and so on, being as versatile as it could ever be.

Shetters say that their special panel can be scaled to almost any size, and can be mounted to any surface, flat or curved. Also, chip programming includes options as to the high or low tint, speed, or sensitivity.

The French startup also integrated their lightning-fast LCD tint technology in casual eyewear. Two sunglass models will be available once the project receives proper funding, sporting the same amazing features and being usable in daily routines, as well as when driving or riding a motorbike or bicycle.

Head over to Shetters’ Kickstarter campaign and reserve your glasses or visor, but bear in mind that the visors are only manufactured for Arai and Shoei helmets. Hopefully more brands will be added soon.

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