Should Yamaha build a Tracer 1000?

Picture this: a 160 hp sport-tourer based on the MT-10. Fantastic!

Yamaha needs a 1,000 cc sport-tourer to keep up with the big boys. And a Tracer 1000 would be the thing. Imagine the R1-derived crossplane engine, producing a lot of power, top-spec chassis, and electronics, in a comfortable bike that could take you to a 10,000 km trip around the curvy roads of the continent. It would be great. 

There’s a gap in Yamaha’s line-up between the Tracer 900 and the FJR 1300. And since the FZ1 Fazer 1000 is gone, many sport-touring enthusiasts are nostalgic about this bike. I have a friend that owned two Fazers, and now he feels disoriented among these new offers. There’s an MT-10 with a touring pack in Yamaha’s range, but adding a windshield and two side-cases doesn’t transform a naked to a touring bike. 

After the 600 cc and 1000 cc Fazers were gone, Yamaha switched to the upright sport-touring position inspired by the adventure world and built the Tracer 900 - a best-seller - and the Tracer 700. In fact, Yamaha was the one who invented this type of bike - the TDM 850 appeared in 1991, long before the first Multistrada. 

Now, the upright-position sport-touring segment is well-established, with great motorcycles such as the BMW S1000XR, Ducati Multistrada and KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT. 

So, how should a Tracer 1000 look? 

- more than 160 horsepower
- ride-by-wire throttle and the MT-10 SP complete electronics package
- lightweight aluminium Deltabox main frame and a reinforced subframe to support the extra load from the passenger and luggage
- upright riding position, increased legroom
- height-adjustable windscreen
-  larger fairings to ensure better weather protection 
- some Tracer-like hand-guards
- comfortable seat
-  large fuel tank - around 20 liters
- no more than 220 kg wet weight
-  a price just below the European rivals would make it a great success 

The photo above is a render created by Mich Motorcycle. 


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